Herbal Treatment for Polio Awaiting Recognition

An Ayurvedic Doctor, Puncham Kumar Das, a resident of Harpur, Forbesgunj, Bihar , India
has treated people who were suffering from POLIO and cured them completely.
At first people viewed his actions very suspiciously and tried to disrespect him as a Quack.
But many people with the polio problem were being treated very cheaply and the results were tremendously good.
Later on his efforts caught the eyes of many people as well as of the state government of Bihar,
the Indian Council of Medical Research ( ICMR) and the UNICEF .
These agencies studied his case reports and finally validated his claim that his Herbal medicine can indeed make the Polio patients better.
Also his work met the immunization and other criteria.
ICMR has also set up a committee to study the effects of the medication, not only for Polio but for other conditions like:
Cerebral Pulsy Neuromuscular and Locomotor Disfunctions and even possibly for inherited Dystrophies like:
Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
His medicines has even improved cases of Quadri Plegia.

The work of this person has been published by many local and leading newspapers including the Times of India, Hindustan Times and India Today. Dr. Puncham Kumar Das makes his Herbal Medicines from Chinchona and Marigold which he obtained from the mountains of Nepal,
in his primitive laboratory. His treatment costs upto I.Rs. 800 (About US $19) and people get upto 3 months treatment.

His main problem is that he needs financial and other support to upgrade his laboratory, to institutionalize his treatment method.
He wants to work in a much wider scale for the tratment of Polio - Stricken children in really a huge scale.

He awaits individuals as well as institutions to contact him, do research on his medications and he is awaiting for something to happen
in the humanitarian field like POLIO.

Dr. Puncham Kumar Das
Professor Colony,
District : Araria , BIHAR

Tel: ( + + 91) ( 06455) 22717